With our busy lifestyles, fitting in regular visits to the local yoga studio isn’t always possible. And it’s totally normal that a class designed for a large group may not be the right class for you. Private yoga is customized to fit your needs and schedule, and one-on-one sessions allow you to enjoy the benefits of yoga at your own pace. You will be attentively guided by verbal instruction, demonstration, and hands-on direction, and any special issues can be addressed, from injuries or health issues to scheduling or privacy concerns. I will translate the complexity of your lifestyle and the language of your own physical body to fit the practice of yoga.


I customize programs for groups of any size, whether you are a few friends looking for individual instruction at a location and time that are most convenient for you or a business that wants to enhance its corporate wellness program. In the workplace, yoga will help increase productivity and harmony with emphasis on deep breathing, gentle stretching and strengthening postures, as well as incorporating stress management techniques. Flows of asanas are created to help participants release both physical and mental tension and feel centred, relaxed, and energized.


I offer intermediate and all level yoga flow classes exclusively online, both live and prerecorded. These 60 minute classes are great for yogis-on-the-go who enjoy building up a sweat and stretching out. Final relaxation is always provided to calm any stress and rejuvenate the body and mind. For more details please email:

  • "I am grateful to this wonderful yoga teacher. Each class is a renewal."

  • "Flow yoga with Melissa is fantastic. It is a Must, in my opinion."

  • "I am grateful to have her in my life."

  • "Through Melissa’s personalized attention, we’ve been able to deepen our practice."

  • "Yoga with Melissa is the perfect compliment to other therapies and training."

  • "A stress-free appointment - it’s the highlight of my week."

  • "Melissa’s yoga classes have become an indispensable part of my fitness routine."

  • "Quite simply, she is the best."


My journey with yoga began almost twenty years ago when I was drawn to the meditative practice of self-inquiry and reflection. Following my path to teacher training at Prana Yoga and Zen Centre in Vancouver, I achieved certification in 1999. I apprenticed with Shakti Mhi for two years before diving into teaching as a full-time profession. Along the way I earned a B.A. as a student of Cultural Anthropology and Sociology, which inspired my unique approach to teaching vinyasa flow yoga.

My goal is to demystify yoga teachings and translate the practice to fit modern life, making yoga accessible for anyone, regardless of age, ability or lifestyle. I draw on my extensive trainings and experience in a broad range of yoga disciplines to design personalized private or group sessions that meet the specific needs of each individual.

Ongoing study is paramount for me and I continue my own trainings with many yoga teachers from different traditions, including Angela Farmer, Shiva Rea, Bryan Kest, Beryl Bender Birch, Seane Corn, Tiffany Cruikshank and Kathryn Budig.

  • Private yoga sessions with Melissa are great! You get customized lessons based on your physical needs, the convenience of choosing your own schedule and the benefit of privacy.

    Mark P

  • Melissa is a very attentive trainer, knowledgeable about yoga techniques and the impact of yoga on your overall body; she pushes you just enough to get the maximum benefits from the session while always making sure that you do not hurt yourself. In addition, she is joyful, pleasant and always on time.

    Denyse C

  • I originally took the class to compliment my running activities, but one session with Melissa taught me that it was so much more than that. Her clear instructions and 'go at your own pace' philosophy have made me a regular in her class. Melissa has helped me immensely in increasing both my strength and flexibility.

    Melanie K

  • When I attend Melissa’s yoga practice I have a feeling of safety, strength and exploration throughout my body. Her knowledge and concise cues for breath and focus support and nourish each asana. From this practice I develop a sense of balanced energy, strength and enthusiasm. I am grateful to this wonderful yoga teacher for almost 15 years of being there for us, for continually growing our yoga practice and cheerfully challenging us to go beyond.

    Angele M

  • I keep doing yoga because it never fails to help me. Melissa's tailor-made, personalized flows, which change to reflect short- and long-term goals and needs, are therapeutic, and help me to feel strong and calm, in mind and body. I've had plenty of yoga teachers, but I always come back to Melissa.

    Nicola D

  • The most enjoyable aspect of in house yoga practice is the fact that I don't have to rush somewhere, to be on time, to then relax. For me this is very calming and essential, as it puts me in the right mindset for my practice. I feel very fortunate to be able to do my practice in my home.

    Faygie B

  • Through Melissa’s guidance and teaching I have been able to bring my yoga practice to a more personal level. Now yoga is a way to check in with myself to see how I am doing physically, mentally, and spiritually. Through this journey Melissa has been there to help answer questions, or just lend an ear.

    Larry H

  • In the comfort of my own home, yoga requires little to no preparation, there are no parking issues, and weather is never an issue. The space makes the experience.

    Mimi B

  • Melissa’s ability to guide and adapt the flows of postures has encouraged my husband and children to do yoga with me at home. We’ve been able to improve our understanding of yoga and refine the poses and techniques. Melissa creates a comfortable and intimate setting for yoga.

    Stephanie L

  • Melissa is the sweetest, and she adapts to my needs as a new mom very naturally. Having Melissa come to my home allowed me to include yoga in my and my new baby's schedule, plus it's been the perfect way to kick-start post-baby workouts.

    Samantha W

  • Melissa has customized a yoga program that helped me overcome chronic lower back pain.

    Fred G